About Us

What does every fisherman want to know?

First: where are the fish hitting? What’s moving, what’s active? Which lakes are seeing action?

To answer these questions, HookemNow.com takes a new approach. Rather than relying on dock operators, wildlife workers or other traditional sources to provide answers, we turn to fishermen themselves.

We give the people who are actually catching the fish a place to easily share that information with others, along with their photos and other pertinent information.

We wanted to make this information as easy to understand as possible. So, rather than rely on narratives and dry descriptions, we decided to use maps instead. Why not let fishermen show us where they caught their fish, as well as tell us what they caught?

This is HookemNow.com.

Come to the site to see what other anglers are catching.

Or, come to share your latest catch or photos with others.

We hope you enjoy it. And we hope you participate often.

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